Thursday, January 23, 2014

Q1: Weird Things You Do When You're Alone

Posted by Mars Laini at 12:25 AM

Wow the first question makes me think a lot how to answer it. Because actually I don't really have weird things I'd do when I'm alone though. But well, I'll just describe some random things here.

1. Makan apa saja yang berkenan di mata.
Yeaa.. that's me. Bila duduk seorang diri what I think first is about food. Sweet things mostly. So, mulalah raid peti ais atau almari kat rumah untuk cari something yang boleh buat mulut ni ringan untuk mengunyah. Aiskrim, chocolates, nuggets, fries, biscuits dan lain-lain semua masuk mulut. Not weird enough I think coz I know people also do that.

2. Tweeting
Twitter seems so addicting to me since I know how to use it. Lepas tu bila papa belikan android makin menjadi-jadi perangai ni. Kalau handphone dan line wifi ada bersama, memang semestinya twitter akan dibuka. Walaupun benda entah apa-apa tapi yes, I still post something. Haha

3. Daydream of something impossible
Me is a karate master? Yes. I'm a ruler of some imaginary kingdom? Yes. Me is the best student in every subjects? Yes. My crush likes me too? Yes. In my imaginary world haha. Kekadang daydreaming camni bleh buat aku doze off or something like, terleka sekejap. Syok sangat berangan walaupun benda tu tak pernah terjadi haha.

4. Go round and round while listening to music.
Yeah my feet just can't only sit when my headphones is on. I'll keep go round and round and round while listening to the music. Incredibly I don't feel tired at all. Sometimes it's embarrassing when my parents or friends caught me doing this thing because they think I'm dancing while listening to the music. Well! I'm not! And I'm not a pretty good dancer either.

I think that's all that I can think off. Biasalah tak banyak sebab aku ni bukannya manusia yang pelik mana pun. *Rasanya lah haha*

One done 


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