Monday, January 11, 2016


Posted by Mars Laini at 2:22 AM
Dear 2015,

Through this year, I had faced lots of joy and heartbreaks. Ups and downs of life. I guess this is how you face your life every day. Praise to Allah SWT who truly helps me every day, from every seconds and every breath I take.

Mom and dad, 
Thanks for being with this spoiled child of yours until now. Both of your never ending supports and du'a were with me every time. Thank you for all the love and blessings both of you had gave me all along. 

For those who see me at my worst and still be with me till the end, you're the best I could have. To be truth, sometimes I doubt myself "Am I worthy to be your friend? You all deserve better" but still, all of you stick with me through thick and thin, and I'm grateful. 

To those I had hurt consciously or unconsciously, I'm truly sorry. Even I cannot handle myself well sometimes and maybe I end up hurting you without I'm knowing. 

Dear 2016,

I had my jolly days where a single streak of sunshine could make me smile, single drop from the heaven could calm my head, great people around me and others. But as we know, dark days will follow too. I had been torn apart, I had those sleepless nights and teary eyes, I had many hollow thoughts that they suffocate me every time I can't barely breath, I had my heart broken so many times. Sometimes I wonder too how many times do I have to face these anymore.

2015, you taught me how to be strong and I hope I had learned all the lessons you gave
2016, I'm ready

final year student, final of the final exam mode 

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