Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Maiden Who Holds The Sword

Posted by Mars Laini at 12:18 PM
i wake up today
i see the sun shining brightly
giving its light to the world
i see everyone smiling
giving warmth to the world

but now i recognized
there's a place where it had been excluded
people still crying
people still suffering
their light have been taken
by those who's greed of power
the men still waiting and fighting
for the light to shine in their life
but till then
the childs still walking
in the path full of blood

i'm here
standing and see their sorrow face
i won't let them suffer again
i won't let the women and childs cry again
i won't let the people see the red path again

i'll protect them
i'll make them smile
i'll fill their life
with the light they've been waiting
again and again

this is why i'm standing here
i am the maiden who holds the sword

**this is my first poem. Created by myself. hehehe.. hopefully you enjoy and understand what it means..

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