Monday, August 25, 2014

Short Story : Orange

Posted by Mars Laini at 2:37 PM
*now in english version.. just my imaginary story okay*

Sunny Sunday. Mars sits on a bench at a playground, waiting for her friend, Rabi, for their usual weekend date. She anxiously peeks at her watch, wondering why her friend doesn't arrive yet.

"I hope nothing bad happen to her" mumbled Mars.

Suddenly, a hand taps Mars's shoulder from behind. Shocked, she jumps from the bench then after that, she hears a loud laughter.

"Is it funny, making me surprised like that?" said Mars while she crossed her arms.

"Sorry sorry. I'm just joking around. Sorry too because I'm late. I'm on my way to meet you when an ice cream truck passed by so I stopped for a while. Here, my treat." said Rabi cheerily as she passed a cone of chocolate mint ice cream to Mars. "I know, your favorite".

Smiling, Mars takes the ice cream from her hand. "Thanks" she mumbled.

"So, what we're going to do today?" ask Mars.

"Well, last weekend we planted flowers behind the nearby forest. I think we should do some more activity to the Mother Nature again today. Won't cha?" said Rabi. 

"How about feeding those stray cats that lived under the bridge we always crossed by? I feel sorry for them lately" said Mars.

"I think so. It's been a long time we didn't pay them a visit. Now shall we go." Rabi said and she immediately grabs Mars's arm and rushed forward.

As they are walking together, a little girl, with smudgy dress greets them. She brings along a basket full of oranges with her. For a moment Rabi and Mars didn't realize until Mars feels someone tug her blouse's hem.

"Good evening, Miss. Would you like to buy some oranges? They're only 50 cents each." said the girl, holding up a little orange to them.

Mars and Rabi look at each other continuously. After a while, Rabi smiled and knelt down to the girl, patting her head.

"How about both of us take all the oranges from you? Okay Mars?" said Rabi glancing to her friend.

"Well yes! Absolutely!" said Mars happily.

"Is it okay Miss? You don't have to buy if you don't want to." said the girl. There's sound of guilt in her voice.

"It's okay. After all I want to make lots of orangettes today." said Rabi happily as she takes the basket of oranges from the girl.

Rabi and Mars quickly count their money and give them to the little girl. 

"This is so much from the oranges' price. I can't take it" said the girl, giving back some of the money.

Mars smiles and shakes her head. "No dear, just take it. We won't mind anything"

"Yeah. Just treat yourself with an ice cream, or a new dress won't cha" said Rabi.

The little girl quickly thanked them and after giving a quick hug for both of them, she walks away with tears in her eyes.

"Wow you seems generous today. What brings it out?" ask Mars.

"Well, at least we gotta help her although for a bit don't we?" Rabi grinned.

"Anyway, what are orangettes?" ask Mars again.

"Oh.. Slices of oranges dipped in chocolate. Good for tea time. C'mon, I'll make lots of it after we feed those stray cats okay" said Rabi.

"Okay then" Mars said cheerily.

With that, both of them arms in arms walk away from the road.

there are many people who need our helps out there.. who knows, a small help from us will make them smile and ease their burden for a bit.. what do you think? :D



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