Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pitter Patter of the Raindrops

Posted by Mars Laini at 11:03 PM

Life.. is not always bright. The sun will not always shine. The sky will not always blue. But I've learn something. Something that I think, only me will understand.

Not all sunshine gives you warmth
I've learn to dance in the rain
The raindrops caress me as they tell me something

Each drop from the heaven
Makes the earth alive once again
So do me

The pat of the rain on my head
Is just like a mother
Who pats her child
Smoothly, soothingly, calmly

Sometimes the dark clouds indeed
Bring thunders and lighting
But they teach me
Not to be afraid, not to be scared
As they too are one of us

I'm not always looking forward for sunny days. As me is truly a Pluviophile, I prefer the rain at most. Weird huh? Never mind I love being me :)



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