Sunday, August 17, 2014

Broken Wings

Posted by Mars Laini at 10:21 AM
Once upon a time, there lived a little girl by herself. Her mother and father had passed away a long long time ago when she was still very small. The fairy godmother loved her very much for she was an unfortunate and innocent child. The fairy gave her a pair of beautiful, white wings when she grew a little bit older. The fairy said to her "these wings, will help you, make you strong and happy, although you are all alone in this world".

The little girl indeed was very happy after she got the wings. She would fly every day wherever she want, playing with the birds and butterflies, picking the fruits on the highest peaks of trees, reaching the highest peaks of the beautiful mountains, all she did happily by herself and her wings.

One day, she flew a bit low from usually to take a closer look at a blue lake she caught by passing. Beside the lake, there was a small village, full of its people doing their daily chores. Amazed, that little girl landed at the village. She had been longed to know how is it to have few friends in her life as she's alone for a long time.

The villagers were very amazed to a little girl with a pair of beautiful wings. They never seen such girl before. The little girl was welcomed in the village. Everyone wanted to be her friends and she was very happy at first.

Day by day she met a lot of people. "Little girl, can you help to lift this bricks? I'm not strong enough." ask one of the villagers. "But I'm not strong enough too. Look at my little hands." said the girl. "Ah, but you can use your wings to lift the bricks right?" demand the villager. Thinking to help the poor villager, the little girl used her wings to lift the heavy and dirty bricks, staining her white wings. Once the work has done, the villagers left without saying thank you to her.

The next day other villager, a woman, come to see her. "Little girl, can you please make this fire bigger? I want to bake some breads. Use you wings to blow the fire." ask the woman. Innocently, the little girl just do what she wanted. As the fire grew bigger, unintentionally one of her wings caught the fire. She screamed for the woman's help, but the woman, feared that the fire would spread to her house, she threw the little girl out of her house and slammed shut the door.

That little girl sobbed knowing she had lost one of her wing. But the ruthless villagers still want to take advantage of her. 

"Can we take your feathers from the wings? We believe that it can cure any illness we get." and then all the villagers that once said they were her friends, started to plucked every feather they can get from the little girl's only wing left.

"Stop! Stop! It hurts!" said the little girl. But the villagers didn't stop neither hear her cries. They kept plucking the feathers until there were nothing left. For that, the little girl completely lost both of her wings. Knowing that she cannot be use anymore, the villagers threw her out of their village to the nearby forest.

Through days and nights, she cried alone, hoping that those 'friends' of her would help her as she had help them before, but none of them come back for her. She had lost her wings for the one she thought were her loyal friends but they were just ruthless people, who took advantages on her ability.


Baiklah daripada cerita kat atas anda semua ni yang mana? That little girl? Or those villagers? Fikirlah sendiri.

True friends are rare to find. These days, you will just see clowns who disguise as angels .


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