Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Black Swan

Posted by Mars Laini at 3:03 PM
Once, I too was a black swan
Alone in the middle of the lake
The only friend I got is the moon
Reflected on the water

Once, I too was a black swan
Forgotten by those white ones
With a thought that I will remain black
And all alone
For eternity

Once, I too was a black swan
Flapping my lonely wings in the dew of the isolated forest
Gazing the mirror water with tears in my eyes
Shattered, my heart was shattered into pieces

Once, I too was a black swan
But if the darkness come again and wash me away
Would you stay and tell me its going to be okay?
Or would you like the others? Slowly drifting away

If I lost in the blackness again
Would you come and drag me out of there?
Of the dark labyrinth once I was in
Or would you just let me drown
Into those black lake and being forgotten again

Written by Marslaini,
3.02PM, Feb 25


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Komen la sikit ye.. jangan la baca je.. hehehe :P


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