Sunday, September 20, 2015

Wanderer of Time

Posted by Mars Laini at 11:55 PM
I've become a wanderer
Of this place
Serene and peaceful
The place that people claimed
To be lost forever

I've become a wanderer
Of the place where the time has stopped
Yet, the melody still there
Soft, tinkle
Please let it last, eternally

Walking alone through the bare branches of trees
The whiteness of the snow emerges
On my path
I'm alone but yet
I'm not lonely at all

A gentle drops of light fall
Reflected in my eyes
Is the calming silver moonlight
Lost in the time, lost in the moment
What I seek is just a happy answer

At the end of the dream
I only wished for that
Even if I have to wander alone
Throughout the time

-11.52PM 20 SEPT 2015-

-Just a piece of my mind. Tiba-tiba ada idea nak tulis poem malam-malam macam ni. Nantikan entry perjalanan saya ke Melbourne yang akan di publish tak lama lagi-

Thanks for reading, and hey, no copy cat :)


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