Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Q11: Your Current Relationship, if Single discuss How Single Life is

Posted by Mars Laini at 1:11 AM

Wow soalan nih. Demand betul siap suruh discuss lagi. Dapat berapa markah ni? Haha okay lawak hambar. Maaf maaf.

My current relationshiop is yes, i'm single and yet don't really know whether ready to mingle or not. Some people I see love to have boyfriend or girlfriend but for me.. well, if I want to, nobody would fall for me I think ahaha.

I love my single life now. No worries. Don't have to think what presents to give to your boyfriend, don't have to call anyone every 5 minutes, don't have to worry how I look like. Free from anyone. I like it.

And if I will be attached to someone, I want to be with that person forever, to give my commitment to, and of course that person is future mr.hubby ^^

For now, no attachments. I'm free to do what I want. Watch anime, play games and others. Well, that's my single life and I like it.

the eleventh.. bila tiba masanya nanti.. akan tiba jua nanti haha 


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